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Labour migration experts in Malaysia warn of fraud, abuse again

The plan to export manpower to Malaysia under private management without a strict monitoring system may create room for abuse and exploitation of overseas job seekers, as seen in the past, warned labour rights activists. Malaysia last month announced that 15 lakh Bangladeshis would be recruited in the next three years under B2B (Business-to-Business) agreements.

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Malaysia flouts own law on migrants’ trade union rights

Malaysian authorities are found to have been violating their own law in not allowing migrant workers any trade union membership. Although the Malaysian Employment Act, 1955 guarantees all workers, including migrant workers, the right to join a trade union, immigration authorities and local employers are systematically preventing the migrant workers from being a part of […]

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New trends, old concerns

Migration management is in the spotlight; 1.8 million Sri Lankans are currently working abroad, vast majority, women; “Action Plan” on the return and reintegration of migrant workers; Bilateral agreement ensures a standard contract. With a boom in the construction industry in the Middle East since 2012, Sri Lanka appears to have changed its migration trend- […]