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Where dreams become mirage

The story published in Samakalika Malayalam Weekly, belonging to The New Indian Express Group, portrays the sordid tales of Indian women domestic workers who were trafficked to Gulf countries and subjected to forced labour. The story tells the sufferings of five domestic workers who suffered a lot in the foreign land and had to flee […]

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Uncle’s story

On June 18, my father rang me from our home in Gitanagar of Chitwan district. “What should we do? Are you there? Get the information on what we need to do, and that too as soon as possible!” He uttered everything in a single breath. My father has a husky voice but never speaks in a rush. As soon […]

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Saudi trafficking victim’s struggles continue even after escape

After two years of hardship in Saudi, Joomaila Beevi returned to India empty handed. The 48-year-old widow now survives on what her aged parents and siblings earn. When met Joomaila at her thatched-roof home in Kerala, she was getting ready to travel the northern part of the state to work as a midwife and […]

Migrant Labor

As rural Sri Lanka dries out, young farmers look for new job options

Abandoned fishing boats lay on the banks of the dried Siyambalankkatuwa reservoir in Sri Lanka's Puttalam District, Aug. 10, 2017.

Scorched by a 10-month drought that has killed crops and reduced residents to buying trucked-in water, Adigama’s young people are voting with their feet. At least 150 youth have left this agricultural village 170 km northwest of Sri Lanka’s capital since the drought began, looking for jobs in the country’s cities, or overseas, village officials […]

India Migrant Labor UAE

Sameera wants to return: In 6 audio clips, the story of an Indian worker trapped in Abu Dhabi

A 27-year-old domestic worker, Sameera*, from Bengaluru, is stuck in Abu Dhabi after she escaped from an employer who is said to have been unbearably exploitative. On August 3, she somehow escaped the house, and reached the Embassy of India, UAE, Abu Dhabi. But when officials there turned her away, she was caught by her […]

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The embargo of Qatar is hurting foreign workers more than Qatari citizens

When Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates led the imposition of a political and economic blockade on Qatar last month, there were immediate, far-reaching consequences: Flights were canceled and rerouted, Qatari citizens were expelled from other Arab states of the Persian Gulf, shipping routes were closed and airspace was suddenly off-limits to Qatar’s pilots. […]