Month: September 2017

Migrant Labor Nepal

Human Trafficking Continues Unabated as Victims Don’t File Cases

In the past four months alone, Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police rescued 81 women from India and other countries. They were victims of trafficking. However, police could neither identify the agents involved nor make any arrests. The reason – none of the victims filed cases against their traffickers. The CIB receives information on Nepali women trafficking victims who are stranded in various Indian cities through various contacts […]

Migrant Labor

Pakistani Migrants in Dubai: Behind Migrant Labourer’s Dream

It is a city renowned for glitz, glamour and boasts the world’s tallest building. But there’s an ugly side that you won’t read about in its tourist brochures. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and a popular tourist destination — its army of migrant workers. The workers, who are largely from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal, are paid well […]

Malaysia Migrant Labor Nepal

Outsourcing Agencies and Agents Exploit Workers 

Roshan Bhatta looked hopeless during an encounter at the Nepalese embassy in Malaysia which is situated along Jalang Ampang road. Bhatta, an employee at a Rawang based company that produces paper bags, became undocumented after he continued to work in Malaysia without extending his visa after it expired two years ago. Bhatta, a resident of Basundhara-Kathmandu, wanted to return home to meet his sick mother. The process was proving much costlier than […]

India Migrant Labor

Where dreams become mirage

The story published in Samakalika Malayalam Weekly, belonging to The New Indian Express Group, portrays the sordid tales of Indian women domestic workers who were trafficked to Gulf countries and subjected to forced labour. The story tells the sufferings of five domestic workers who suffered a lot in the foreign land and had to flee […]