Author: Kosh Raj Koirala

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Difficult days for Nepali migrant workers in Middle East

The Shiite-Sunni conflict and diminishing petro-earnings will affect two millions Nepali workers in the Middle East. The Middle East is once again in limelight due to the simmering diplomatic tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia and the constantly falling price of fossil fuel. While the world watches these major developments, Nepal needs to be vigilant […]

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Nepali missions in labor destinations get more staff

Amid complaints that the existing human resource was way less to handle problems of the ever increasing number of Nepali migrant workers, the government has made a significant increase in the number of diplomatic staff in the Nepali embassies in various labor destination countries. The government has increased the number of embassy personnel in the […]

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Wage competition among SAARC nations harming migrant workers

In early June, Nepali authorities announced that they would not issue work permits to outbound workers if employers did not bear the cost for visa and air ticket. The Ministry of Labor and Employment (MoLE) maintained that the provision was meant to prevent economic exploitation of workers in the name of recruitment fee and eventually […]

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Malaysia flouts own law on migrants’ trade union rights

Malaysian authorities are found to have been violating their own law in not allowing migrant workers any trade union membership. Although the Malaysian Employment Act, 1955 guarantees all workers, including migrant workers, the right to join a trade union, immigration authorities and local employers are systematically preventing the migrant workers from being a part of […]