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Firm with dubious records in charge

Malaysia appoints Synerflux to recruit workers from Bangladesh; rights groups say the decision will lead to monopoly Malaysia has appointed a private company to manage recruitment of Bangladeshi workers under the new G2G Plus system, despite rights groups’ fears that the appointment of a single company will lead to monopoly. The Malaysian company — Synerflux […]

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Nepali missions in labor destinations get more staff

Amid complaints that the existing human resource was way less to handle problems of the ever increasing number of Nepali migrant workers, the government has made a significant increase in the number of diplomatic staff in the Nepali embassies in various labor destination countries. The government has increased the number of embassy personnel in the […]

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Counselling centre for migrants

The Punjab labour and human resource department has set up the first-ever Migrant Resource Centre in the country, to plug the information gap migrant workers mostly face at home and abroad. Established with the support of the ILO at the Industrial Relations Institute, Township, the centre will provide reliable and accurate information and support services […]