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Dubai: Look beyond the glitter to see the sorrow of migrant workers …

Behind the spanking new skyscrapers lies the sad truth for immigrant workers. Dubai’s labour laws are unkind. Dubai has undergone a massive transformation, from a fishing and pearl diving centre on the shores of the gulf, to an ultra-modern city-state of today in a matter of just a few decades. Modern Dubai is a cosmopolitan […]

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Will Migrant Domestic Workers in the Gulf Ever Be Safe From Abuse

JAHANARA* HAD HAD enough. For a year, the Bangladeshi cook had been working 12 to 16 hours a day, eating only leftovers and sleeping on the kitchen floor of her employer’s Abu Dhabi home – all for half the salary she had been promised. She had to prepare four fresh meals a day for the eight-member […]


Inefficiency in Work Puts Bangladeshi Migrant Workers in adverse condition

The life outside the country is unfamiliar, the language there is unknown and the people are strangers. Most of the migrant workers cannot even talk to their employers. Lack of efficiency of the workers and the limitation of inability to make others understand their problems have made the worker-employer relationship very bitter. This bitter relationship […]