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Plight of Nepalis in Malaysia: Migrants systematically rendered ‘undocumented’

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Bipul Dangi (name changed) of Rolpa district landed in Malaysia earlier this month to work at Samsung company. But the promise that a manpower agency in Kathmandu made to him was broken once he got there. His salary was not as promised either.

When he refused to work at a construction company instead and asked the employer to give him the job he was offered back in Nepal, Dangi, along with his friends, were whipped almost to death. “At one point, I thought I would never see Nepal again,” he said, recalling his harrowing experience.

The next day, he and his friends mustered the courage to flee from the employer. This daring move not only cost him the nearly Rs 150,000 he had nvested in flying to Malaysia for work, but also meant his becoming an ‘undocumented worker’ as his passport was still held by the employer. Continue reading

A TV or a Lotus Flower

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A migrant worker walking out of the arrivals terminal at the Tribhuvan International Airport is instantly recognizable. He has many large suitcases tightly tied with strings as if each suitcase were a salmon fish in a net. The sight of the strings around the suitcase gave rise to the widely-used moniker dori lahure (dori: a piece of string; lahure: anyone who goes abroad for work). These days, strings are being slowly replaced by cling-plastic wrap, as the latter is easier to use and fits the purpose better. Continue reading