Month: April 2018

Lebanon Migrant Labor Nepal

Homes away from home

Female domestic workers in Lebanon cannot visit families back in Nepal because of a travel ban that prevents them from returning to well-paying jobs. Along with horror stories of abuse of female domestic workers, housemaids from Nepal here have a different worry – they cannot go back home for holidays because a Nepal government ban on female migrant […]

Migrant Labor Nepal

Alliance with airlines can make migration safer

A group of Nepali migrant workers in Malaysia collecting funds to financially support a fellow Nepali who was injured in an accident. Pic: Upasana Ghimire

The Kotaraya quarter of the Malaysian capital comes alive on Sundays when Nepali migrant workers gather here to celebrate their hard-earned day off. The neighbourhood has over 65 Nepali restaurants, shops, remittance and travel agencies selling airline tickets catering to the Nepali diaspora population. A lot has been said about Nepali migrant workers propping up […]