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How CPEC can offer migrant workers a better dream

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Ghulam Muhammad, 28, lives in Kot Radha Kishan outside of Lahore. Not long ago, he was sitting in his home thinking “If I can make it to Dubai, it can make a difference in my life. My younger siblings might become doctors or engineers.” He comes from a family of nine, with five brothers and two sisters.

Muhammad remembers the hunger and poverty that clung to their home and prevented his siblings from acquiring an education; his own father was a labourer who struggled to feed a family of nine mouths. Continue reading

Migrant maids in Oman at risk as India scraps rescue scheme

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India’s decision to scrap a financial guarantee scheme for migrant domestic workers in Oman will make it harder for maids who are abused or unpaid to get home, campaigners said on Tuesday.

The Indian embassy in Oman issued a notice on Monday, saying it was scrapping the scheme because employers and recruitment agencies said it was discouraging them from hiring. Continue reading

Difficult life of Pakistani migrant workers in UAE

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Migrant workers from Pakistan’s villages arrive in the oil rich country UAE with dreams of making good money to send home. They work tirelessly for a meagre salary which is often not paid on time. These migrant labourers struggle with depression and anxiety and the fear that their passports will be confiscated. They live difficult lives in Dubai and Sharjah where media is not encouraged to report on the ground reality. The labourers are often confined and their new dream is to make it back home to Pakistan to work on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor – which presents new opportunities for businesses and jobs – and for prosperous lives.

मलेसियामा ठगिँदै नेपाली कामदार (Nepali)

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क्वालालम्पुरको जलान अम्पाङस्थित नेपाली दूतावासमा हतास मुद्रामा भेटिए, रोशन भट्ट । रावाङको एक कागजे झोला बनाउने कम्पनीमा पाँच वर्षदेखि कार्यरत उनी पछिल्ला दुई वर्षयता भने गैरकानुनी कामदारको हैसियतमा थिए । काठमाडौं बसुन्धरास्थित घरबाट बिरामी आमाले बारम्बार बोलाएपछि उनले मन थाम्न सकेनन् । त्यसैले फर्कन हतारिएका थिए । तर गैरकानुनी हैसियतमा भएकै कारण उनलाई घर फर्किन महँगो परिरहेको थियो । २६ सय रिंगिट अर्थात् नेपाली ६५ हजार नेपाली रुपैयाँ ‘दलाल’ को हातमा सुम्पेर घर फर्कने मेलोमेसो मिलाउँदै थिए उनी । भट्टले तिरेको पैसा ‘आवश्यक’ रकमभन्दा एक तिहाइले बढी हो ।

वैशाखयताको चार महिनामा मात्रै उनीजस्तै ६ हजार ६ सय ८३ गैरकानुनी हैसियतका नेपाली कामदारले ट्राभल डकुमेन्ट बनाएको दूतावासको रेकर्ड छ । अहिले ‘विधिसम्मत’ रूपमा प्रत्येक कामदारले घर फर्कंदा हवाई शुल्कसहित कम्तीमा २३ सय रिंगिट खर्च गर्नुपर्ने देखिन्छ । जसमा ट्राभल डकुमेन्टका लागि १ सय ६० रिंगिट, फोटोका लागि २० रिंगिट, घरफिर्ती प्रक्रियाका लागि मलेसिया सरकारले तोकेको कम्पनी हारफासेले लिने सेवा शुल्क ५ सय ५० रिंगिट, मलेसियाको अध्यागमन कार्यालयमा बुझाउनुपर्ने ४ सय रिंगिट र हवाई शुल्क समेटिएको हुन्छ ।  Continue reading

Pakistani migrant workers in UAE dream returning home for decent job

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Migrant workers toil in the sweltering heat; they do not get their wages on time and they live in dismal conditions. Their labour is exploited as they work for 10 to 12 hours a day instead of the prescribed 8 hours. The workers don’t get clean water for drinking. This is happening in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. They now aspire to get a decent job back home. Few migrant workers are happy in the UAE where they now understand the value of home. For the sake of the welfare of their families, they struggle to cope despite the hardships. They believe the China Pakistan Economic Corridor will present new opportunities for work so they can lead better lives.

सकसका ५६ दिन (Nepali)

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२०७४-२०७४ असार ४ गते । चितवन गीतानगरस्थित घरबाट बुबाले एकै सासमा यति कुरा भन्नुभयो, ‘लौन के गर्ने ? त त्यहाँ छस् । के कसो गर्नुपर्ने हो तुरुन्तै बुझिहाल । सकेसम्म छिटो गर्नुपर्‍यो ।’

यति हतारिएको र मलिनो स्वरमा बुवा हत्तपत्ती बोल्नुहुँदैनथ्यो । उहाँको स्वर अक्सर गर्विलो हुने गथ्र्यो । फोन राख्नेबित्तिकै म सलङ भएँ । नसामा रगत हैन पानी बगेजस्तै भयो ।

मैले सबैभन्दा पहिले धनवीर ठूलाबालाई सम्झें । छिमेकी र बाको समवयी भएकैले उहाँलाई ठूलाबा सम्बोधन गर्थें । ठूलाबाको शालीन र मायालु स्वरले मात्रै हैन, सधैं केही न केही नयाँ गरिराख्ने र नथाक्ने स्वभावले मलाई सधैं आकर्षित गरिराख्यो । त्यति असल मान्छेको जीवनको उत्तराद्र्धमा यति ठूलो शोक पर्नु सामान्य कुरा थिएन । मनमनै सोचें, भगवान् छन् भने तिनी निर्दयी रहेछन् । तिनले पाप र धर्मको ख्याल गर्न पटक्कै जान्दा रहेनछन् । Continue reading

Saudi trafficking victim’s struggles continue even after escape

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After two years of hardship in Saudi, Joomaila Beevi returned to India empty handed. The 48-year-old widow now survives on what her aged parents and siblings earn.

When met Joomaila at her thatched-roof home in Kerala, she was getting ready to travel the northern part of the state to work as a midwife and earn some money for survival.

“Sometimes, they (the family) work and bring in food. And sometimes we all go to sleep hungry. I have lost everything… Before migrating to Saudi Arabia I at least had a rented house and a share of my father’s land. Now, there is nothing,”

“What’s left is a loan, debt, health issues and a daily struggle for food and medicines.”

Joomaila lost everything after fleeing an abusive employer in fear of her life and forfeiting her salary. Continue reading

‘No Food, No Pay’: 800 Indian Workers Stranded in Oman Tell All

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The workers have even written to the Indian embassy in Muscat. (Photo Courtesy: Rejimon Kuttapan)

After the 5 rials (around Rs 800) given by the Indian embassy on Tuesday to meet emergencies exhausts, we will be again in the same situation. No money even for emergencies. Uncertainty on what to do is haunting us a lot.

These were the words of around 800 Indian workers who are stranded in an industrial town in Oman, without proper food, drinking water, shelter and valid work permit cards for the last few weeks.

“We were not even having proper food for the last few weeks. It was stale food we were getting. There was no money to buy some drinking water too… We thought that we will die here,” a worker said.

“Now, the embassy has given us a little money. But after that what…,” the worker added. Continue reading

Sameera wants to return: In 6 audio clips, the story of an Indian worker trapped in Abu Dhabi

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A 27-year-old domestic worker, Sameera*, from Bengaluru, is stuck in Abu Dhabi after she escaped from an employer who is said to have been unbearably exploitative. On August 3, she somehow escaped the house, and reached the Embassy of India, UAE, Abu Dhabi.

But when officials there turned her away, she was caught by her recruiting agency. They locked her in a kitchen with four other women workers from the Philippines, Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Beaten, verbally abused and kept on camera surveillance for five days, the women were desperate to return home. Their only hope was a mobile phone Sameera had hidden in her handbag. From this, she sent a flurry of frantic voice messages on Whatsapp to two friends in Bengaluru – lawyer Darshana Mitra and social worker Kaveri Medappa. Continue reading

Sri Lanka’s war widows trafficked as slaves to Gulf

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When Nathkulasinham Nesemalhar took a flight from Colombo to Muscat in March she believed the boarding pass she clutched in her hand was her golden ticket to a better life after decades of war where she lost everything, including her husband.

The 54-year-old widow from Sri Lanka’s former war zone had been promised work as a maid for an affluent family in the Gulf state of Oman. She would get a nice room, decent working hours and 30,000 rupees ($150) a month – enough to pay off her debts.

But Nesemalhar’s dream soon turned into a nightmare. She found herself enslaved with other women in a dimly-lit room with no ventilation, miles from Muscat. She was taken out daily, sent to different homes to clean, and then locked up again at night. Continue reading