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Pakistani Migrants in Dubai: Behind Migrant Labourer’s Dream

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It is a city renowned for glitz, glamour and boasts the world’s tallest building. But there’s an ugly side that you won’t read about in its tourist brochures. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and a popular tourist destination — its army of migrant workers. The workers, who are largely from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh & Nepal, are paid well below the prices charged in the city’s expensive boutiques and glamorous hotels. The migrant workers are not only at greater risk of exploration, but are often housed in filthy conditions, with little down time. In short they are the hidden slaves of a rich city.Mid of August 2017 I traveled UAE with one of my journalist colleague for a week. This travel was planned as we wanted to do have some good stories on Pakistani Migrant workers in UAE. So during our stay in UAE we visited Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman & Abu Dhabi. We visited so many labour camps in these Emirates and have meetings with labours. In Dubai we went SONA PUR LABOUR CAMP which is a very famous place for labours and everybody in the city knows well about this place in regard of labours residential camps. During our meeting with labours I have heard that Migrant workers make up a large majority of Dubai’s private sector staff. While exact figures are not known, it is estimated that there are three million of these workers in the UAE alone. Domestic workers were particularly vulnerable to abuse as they don’t have the minimal protection afforded by UAE labour law. Continue reading