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Difficult days for Nepali migrant workers in Middle East

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The Shiite-Sunni conflict and diminishing petro-earnings will affect two millions Nepali workers in the Middle East.

The Middle East is once again in limelight due to the simmering diplomatic tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia and the constantly falling price of fossil fuel. While the world watches these major developments, Nepal needs to be vigilant and at the same time start preparing for the contingency. The potential sectarian violence, if not a full-fledged inter-state war, due to Shiite and Sunni divide, and the shrinking economies of the Gulf States with diminishing petro-earnings, will profoundly affect nearly two millions migrant Nepali workers there.

The region has also become a theater for proxy war between major powers as seen in Syria now. Even a minor trigger can push the entire region into chaos. As our economy is heavily reliant on remittance, which accounts for close to 30 percent of the GDP, any economic downturn, sectarian violence and instability in the Middle East could easily push Nepal into an economic crisis. Continue reading

Nehara’s tears and triumphs

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I never thought my tears would stop. I have cried for years and months and days, unable to understand why there were so many trials in my young life. My tears cease only when I work. I have suffered so much that for me, suffering symbolises life. Yet, as the darkest night discovers its own light, I too have discovered mine.

I am a poor woman, and you cannot imagine how poor I am. I come from the Trincomalee District; to be precise, from Muttur. I came from a humble home where poverty was a way of life. Fate was truly unkind, piling up misfortunes one after the other on my young life. Continue reading

How Nepali migrants are duped by travel agents and get stuck in India

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In most cases, individual migrants agree to leave via India because they are unaware that such migration is considered illegal by the government.

The national capital has become home to many Nepalese agents who leave migrant workers in a lurch after promising them a lucrative job abroad. Four months ago, Bir Bahadur who was working in a recruiting firm in Nepal was deceived by a fellow agent from Delhi after the agent took around Rs one crore for sending 14 migrant workers to Russia and Macau.

“I worked in Nalco International in Nepal. I was duped by Uday Rana in Delhi who promised me he would send workers from Nepal. They were to be sent to Russia and Macau for work. He took approximately Rs 1 crore (in total) for documents, stay in Delhi, and air fare for these workers,” said Bahadur. Continue reading