Intrication of Abroad: Pakistani migrant workers in UAE

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Zhob had a very simple life we were  5 sisters and 4 brothers so I had 8 siblings My dad was doing labour in zhob as you know day by day expenses are compounding .I was in very cryptic sphere I used to get distraught whilst looking at my younger sibling that what will be in their future.

What kind of life are they going to have? My little sisters were growing girls I was thinking that I’ll have to get them married in the coming future that will need lot of dowry for them from my father’s  labor wage  we were having food at one time  of the day only. Daily I was thinking in deep depth that what should I do that can change my and family members life.

I percieve nothing so I used to sit in dismal at any corner of my home. My Mom use to understand my condition he is worried due to the thin income of our house she used to sit nearby me and   in tender so would say time do not remains the same one day our days will change the people of my village mostly use to choose Saudi Arab to earn my friend told my you should borrow from someone and go to Saudi Arab to do something your days will change.

When I started borrowing money from my friends so, someone told me Saudi Arab’s immigration policy is turning very strict so you should try for Dubai it is business hub it is the best place earn when contacted the agent to go for Dubai so the agent told me it’s going to take 3 to 4 lacs and your job is done then I use to do labor day and night when I use to get free time I use to implore for money from my friends.

I took almost three months in my country (Pakistan) to reach Dubai and finally one day I reached Dubai This is the story of Abdul Jabbar  28 Years old ,Guy who from his country had the dreams of prosperity  to Dubai as he reached Dubai so he everything that he thought was the opposite we are nothing here around our country’s leadership is very weak  the kafeel (owner) is exploiting us the indigenous people of Dubai see us in hatred bigotry .We the economically weak country’s citizens get only hardship and drudgery here.

Mostly on small mistakes our license and visa is confiscated by the administration. Due to these lines we have to stay alert on committing any mistake that can give them an pretext to deport us life back home isn’t going to offer us anything here we still have the hope of getting wage from the customers. I really pity myself that I did not had the privilege to study till the higher education because who which today my life is lingering on thin lines here we the workers do not have any prestige.

Deedar Hussain, came from the city of province Sindh Larkana.

It has been 2 years since He came to sharjahHe have been working here as a Gardener (Mali).The wage here is quite better then Pakistan but the attitude of the owner hurts him million times in a minute. Because of which he remained dismood he looks at me with scorn.

He wishes the country’s (Pakistan) circumstances would have been better He had never chosen this place for his earning .Actually he did  not educated and a illiterate can’t earn more than he is  earning now..

Not only deedar hussain but 1000s of south Asian are living without their loved ones abroad in cage of solitude. Unfurling flowers and the man looking after gardens is himself in despair. Flamboyant lights and sky scrapers like burjulkhalifa where one way life is dancing in ecstatic joy and the other way laborers crippling in exodus.

Muhammad Zeeshan 40 year old is Taxi driver who have came from Sheikhupura. From seven years he is working in Dubai. He misses his daughter a lot. Muhammad Zeeshan: My 3 years old daughter asks daily from her mother when papa will come from Dubai when will this year come to end.

My daughter needs me when she comes back from school she should show me her homework .Wish to visit some place but me exclude money and coins I can’t offer them anything. My heart burns when people return from Pakistan and say no roads no development and I ask myself what do they have.

Do they grow wheat , rice we due to our disqualified leaders we are splitting blood and ragging shoes in abroad. Muhammad zeeshan eyes in the sentiments started flowing with tears Munawar islam is the resident of Multan from Pakistan. We are a family of 10 mouths .7 Brother and 3 sisters, father and mother have passed away due to our income

He had to come to Dubai. Reaching Dubai wasn’t easy task with a lot of difficulties I borrowed money from and friends and relative to come Dubai. From 4am to my work and coming back to 8 pm is a intricate task here for me. The delay salary to workers is common.  The dreams that we brought with ourselves here everything is opposite.

Shahbirraza is the resident of hungu Pakistan from last  11 years he is driving taxi in sharjah He tells they are not (Laborers) happy living here.

These stories are of those Pakistanis who have went to abroad for better labor

I didn’t see any laborer happy there. Every laborer wishes to return back home and living among family members and work for their country.

(Originally published in The Balochistan Express, Pakistan.)

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